We believe in a better gelato

A gelato that is truly as natural as possible, with the shortest and cleanest ingredient list around.

We are the only Gelateria or ice cream shop in Northern Ontario that does not use any pre-made powder bases, pre-made flavouring pastes that come in cans, colorants, artificial flavourings or corn syrups of any sort. We bake, cut, make, chop, grind, freeze and slice everything ourselves in our very own Gelato Lab.

All our gelato starts with fresh local milk, cream and fresh raw local ingredients, not a premix of powder bases or flavour pastes with high fructose corn syrups, colorants or hydrogenated fats like many others use.



Fresh • Local • Artisanal


We use the best local ingredients and the traditional gelato making method. This includes the pasteurization and aging of all our gelato bases to enhance the texture and the flavours for the best quality possible. Very few places in Canada or even Italy make gelato this way because it’s much more time consuming, expensive and complicated.

We make our own chocolate, nut & espresso pastes, toppings and never buys the pre-made ones. Anyone can mix powders or pastes, but few can make real gelato the way it should be.

Our gelato is made fresh everyday.